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In The Vineyard Summer 2020

Vineyard Update:

The growing season is just starting with the Hillside Reserve Vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir breaking out of hibernation first this year.  The Hillside Reserve Vineyard Syrah and all Estate  Creekside Vineyard blocks are not far behind and are showing the first green leaves. After a post  harvest holiday rest  the vineyard crews have been activated mowing cover crop and cleaning up the ranch before starting to shoot thin this past week.  The  Reserve Chardonnay  was first to be thinned, quickly followed by the Pinot Noir.  

Another very important part of our winter and spring activities is to use a Clemens weed knife to control the weeds growing under the vines.  This machine allows us to avoid using any herbicides in the vineyard, we have been doing this for several years and it demonstrates our commitment to responsible farming from before the world knew the dangers of herbicides.  

Our vineyard leaders, Azael and Jose deserve a round of applause for how great the ranch is looking now.  I am excited about the long cool spring and what this vintage holds for us, it has a feeling of yet another amazing growing season at Stolo.

Hope you are all safe and healthy.

Lucas Pope
Vineyard Manager - Stolo Vineyards and
Director of Vineyard Operations - Coastal Vineyard Services